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Wina z RPA

It’s the perfect time for SA wines in Poland.
— Łukasz Ostrowski, Magazyn Wino

Poland is the largest economy in Central Europe with a population of 38 million, and one of the fastest growing economies in EU. During the past ten years, the society is going through a major shift, turning Warsaw to a booming city, with a skyline that is getting additions constantly and new bars and restaurants popping up every week. At the same time, there is a shift happening - people are switching to wine from vodka and other alcohols alongside with a general sophistication of the culinary offer. Warsaw is now hosting some of the most interesting wine bars in Europe, helping its population exploring the world wines. 


Wina z RPA is a platform to enhance the position of South African wine on the Polish market


Wina z RPA was launched in October 2017 with a South African wine exhibition in Warsaw, coorganised by the South African Embassy in Warsaw and Wesgro. For the event, 12 producers visited directly from South Africa to join six Polish importers in the first ever purely South African wine exhibition in Poland. Gathering over 100 professionals, the tasting established Wina z RPA in Poland, as the platform for South African wine. During 2018, a South African wine week, a road tour and a follow up exhibtion will be held. 

The platforms also facilitates business meetings, business solutions, marketing and other activities improving the position of South African wine on the Polish market.