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Espere creates small intimate events, large-scale tastings, marketing platforms and campaigns as well as supports producers in building their brand and sustainable business relationships in new markets.

Espere believes in the effect of falling in love as the ultimate brand-builder, and works to create proximity between the producer and the market as well as localise messages and brand experiences when needed for stronger emotional connections.

When building new markets, business partners are selected carefully - they need to be ready to commit to a long-term relationship to build the brand together with the producer in the new market.

The name Espere comes from the origin of the word 'atmosphere.' The second half of the word, 'sphere,' comes from the Old French word 'espere,' meaning globe. In modern French, J'espère means 'I hope' or 'I expect'.

Espere operates in South Africa, South Korea, Poland, and France.


Ida Kymmer

Ida Kymmer, Espere's CEO, has an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies and is half way through her eMBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. She has worked as a researcher, journalist, composer and has been running the creative agency, Evonas.

Connecting different localities, quality products and services, as well as healthy, sustainable cultures and organisations, are Ida's core passions, with creativity, communication and observational methods as her strongest tools. Ida is currently local in Seoul, Warsaw, Cape Town and Paris, from where she runs Espere.